A happy reunion

Recent post about my fieldwork in Abisko on the Arctic Research Blog!

Arctic Research

This July, we planted seeds on 1000 meters in the mountains, well above their current growing limits.

Scinece on top of the world

Now, at the end of August, we were very curious to see if they managed to germinate. It was an exciting hike to the top, our thoughts switching between ‘oh no,everything will be dead!’ and ‘this gonna be so good!’

Enjoying the view

Luckily the worries did not distract us too much from our environment, so we did not miss the amazing waterfall on our way to the top.

On top of a waterfall

In the end, everything turned out perfect. The plants did as we expected, with some strong individuals even growing amazingly swift for these high elevations. It was a happy reunion with the plots we left behind in the beginning of the summer. Soon we had to leave them again however, and now for the cold and dark winter nights. Growing plants

Our nice preparation at home ànd our good fieldwork in July…

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3 Responses to A happy reunion

  1. stappersjos says:

    As it seems there was a giant Icebucket challenge ( based on the third picture)
    . 🙂

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