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A post on the Functional Ecology conference in Montpellier, organised by AnaEE France. Montpellier, the city that opened up the views on the interesting topic of functional ecology (the theme of the 3-day conference I attended here this week). A … Continue reading

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East-ward bound

As you can see in my previous post, where you can find an insightful map of my current global scientific network, my global network has only a limited connection with the east. While strong ties exist within Europe and across the ocean to … Continue reading

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An unusual hero

Last week, Hans Rosling died. Who, you might ask, and why mention him? Well, he might have been one of our few statistical heroes, a man who dedicated his life to the spread of knowledge through the correct use of statistics, … Continue reading

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From DNA to the world

Biology is a discipline as wide as the world. Studying all species, from elephants to worms, from trees to bacteria, and digging into all aspects of their life, behaviour, body, evolution or ecology. And biology might not sound as the … Continue reading

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From Vianden to home

On the hill overlooking the beautiful village of Vianden stands a black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia, a North-American tree introduced all over the world for gardening purposes.  With its nice feathered leaves obscuring the view from the viewpoint, it made a … Continue reading

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Dinner with a view

While my previous post was a shout-out for all the fantastic science being presented here at the Neobiota conference in Luxembourg, this one can be short: just how amazing is this as a location for a conference dinner!? Dining between armours, giant … Continue reading

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A gathering of experts

Neobiota 2016: the largest gathering of invasion ecologists I have ever seen, all under the watching eye of Vianden’s famous castle. We joined forces here in Luxembourg with more than 260 ecologists from all over the world for what – up … Continue reading

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