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Den nya Floran!

My new books arrived! Brand new version of ‘Den nya nordiska Floran’, the book that provides the foundation for all my research. Perfectly clear (and totally stunning) drawings and good distribution maps of all plant species in Scandinavia, the crucial … Continue reading

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What is hiding in mountain roadsides?

5 years later, we are getting ready for a re-survey of our longterm observational plots along the roads in the Norwegian mountains. The perfect moment to summarize for a second what we learned from our first trip. This post was published … Continue reading

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Species on the move

The world’s climate is changing rapidly. There, I said it! A statement backed by scientific evidence that keeps piling up, day by day. Yet, what is perhaps even more important: the impact of this changing climate on our world are now … Continue reading

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I have some awesome news for this summer! With the help from INTERACT, the European program supporting research in the Arctic, we just made this summers’ research project s in Lapland official. INTERACT has a trans-national access program, which creates opportunities for researchers throughout Europe to work … Continue reading

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Short days, cold nights

The darkest part of the year on the northern hemisphere is upon us. Temperatures below zero, and days getting overwhelmed by the night before they even got the chance to start. This post is in honour of the Arctic, where they … Continue reading

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Where we disturb nature, the invaders quickly follow

Non-native plant invaders. Ecologists have been keeping an eye on them for a long time already. Species that flew in from somewhere far away and enter an environment where they don’t belong. Species that happily profit from our changing modern … Continue reading

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Autumn is awesome

At least when the sun is shining… Currently, we are hiding inside for the autumn rains and the poor 6 °C they come with. Yet when the sun is out to lighten up all the colors, the Arctic world seems to … Continue reading

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