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I have some awesome news for this summer! With the help from INTERACT, the European program supporting research in the Arctic, we just made this summers’ research project s in Lapland official. INTERACT has a trans-national access program, which creates opportunities for researchers throughout Europe to work … Continue reading

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Micro moisture

For a long time, I have been arguing that we should focus on the micro-environment to understand where plants live, and where they will be going in a future with a changing climate. Studying the micro-environment experienced by plants however creates … Continue reading

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Barbeque is not on the menu

 With autumn well on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a perfect time to share one of our autumn field stories from the top of the world: Lapland. Hurry inside and grab your warmest blanket, this story is … Continue reading

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one valley, two seasons

With autumn creeping up on us at home, I’ll bring to you a series on our fieldwork in the amazing autumn of the Arctic in Abisko. This is part III. Click here for part I and II. Another day of … Continue reading

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Day 2 of our awesome autumn field trip to Abisko in the north of Sweden (day 1 here) brought us to the beautiful valley of Laktatjakka. This year, we did not have the best relationship with this otherwise amazing valley, … Continue reading

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Like the fellowship of the ring trying to cross the Redhorn Pass, where Saruman sent a snowstorm to throw them back, that’s how we felt today. Our personal Mount Caradras was the Laktatjakka valley, the valley of doom, where a … Continue reading

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The stars of the project

You can scroll through lots of pictures of nice landscapes and curious plants in my previous posts on our fieldwork trip to Scandinavia, but that leaves us with one important question: did we actually see any of the stars of the project, our non-native mountain invaders? … Continue reading

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