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East-ward bound

As you can see in my previous post, where you can find an insightful map of my current global scientific network, my global network has only a limited connection with the east. While strong ties exist within Europe and across the ocean to … Continue reading

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Global network

For a scientist to be successful, a global network is crucial. International collaborations bring in new insights, different views on science and important sources of data and knowledge. These ideas are even more relevant in the discipline of ecology, where … Continue reading

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An unusual hero

Last week, Hans Rosling died. Who, you might ask, and why mention him? Well, he might have been one of our few statistical heroes, a man who dedicated his life to the spread of knowledge through the correct use of statistics, … Continue reading

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Paper output

Our new paper on moving plants featured on the EOS-blog, the blog of the Belgian popular science journal! Nice read for the Dutch-speaking readers of this blog. For all others: this was the English version.

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Plant traffic along mountain roads

Roads help us to get from point A to point B. They are extremely useful structures for doing exactly that, which is why mankind has spend considerable amounts of energy to create a network of them that spans the whole … Continue reading

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An elegant proof of global warming

An easy yet elegant experiment to prove the role of carbon dioxide in global warming and show its effect to children, that was the question my colleagues were working on. The experiment is in fact really elegant, so I am happy to … Continue reading

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A mildly booming business

We have been spending considerable amount of time uploading my pictures on Fotolia, one of the main websites for stock photography. It is a lot of work to get them on there, but the occasional reward makes it a lot of … Continue reading

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