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The time of ideas

It is the time of ideas again: we gathered all colleagues from the MIREN-network in the beautiful Greater Yellowstone area in Montana, USA. Between the stunning wildlife and breathtaking views, we spend our days discussing where we are with the … Continue reading

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The feel of the south

Do you want to experience the feeling of spring in the south of France? You will get the closest possible by visiting the beautiful picture gallery ‘Montpellier 2017’ on the right of my blog, or via this link. There you can see … Continue reading

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What to eat?

Awareness is raising rapidly in our environment that what we eat affects our environment in undeniable ways. We (should) all know by now that eating too much meat has a massive influence, not only concerning animal welfare, yet most notoriously on … Continue reading

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When leaves fall

Leaves fall in autumn. At least, they tend to do that if they hang on deciduous trees in temperate climates. Here, the months of October and November are dedicated to splendid colour displays and hours of raking leaves into piles. … Continue reading

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The Grande Ronde Valley

Does that not sound like a majestic place? The Grande Ronde Valley! A valley in Eastern Oregon, where a road winds up to the top of Mount Harris. The bad news: I have totally not been there at all. The … Continue reading

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Every time we pass this adorable little lighthouse in the Skjomen fjord in the high north of Norway, I have to think of the definition of picturesque (visually charming or quaint, as if resembling or suitable for a painting). Every … Continue reading

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The little hut in the forest

When we first went to Norway in the summer of 2012, we had long searches for the perfect camping spot: close to the little village, next to the river, on top of the mountain… We scouted and tried several places, … Continue reading

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