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A PhD-summary

Good news! My PhD is successfully defended, and the main message I wanted to tell to the whole world is now out. Extra good news: I published a little booklet for those who want to know what my work is … Continue reading

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Field season kick-off

Last week, we celebrated the kick-off of 2018s field season, and as usual we did that with a student field trip to the Hallerbos, the world-famous purple forest that gets filled with bluebells in spring. We like to take the … Continue reading

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Nature disturbs

A few posts ago, I talked about how humans disturb nature. I might have made it look like disturbance is a typical human thing, and mostly bad for nature. Yet nothing is further from the truth. Disturbance is extremely natural, … Continue reading

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Where we disturb nature, the invaders quickly follow

Non-native plant invaders. Ecologists have been keeping an eye on them for a long time already. Species that flew in from somewhere far away and enter an environment where they don’t belong. Species that happily profit from our changing modern … Continue reading

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Will they make it?

For two years, we let our plants endure a variety of stressful conditions up in the high north: snow, cold, competition, nutrient limitations, they all got to deal with it in various amounts. We monitored them all along the way, … Continue reading

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Just checking up on my dandelions

Tomorrow I will go back to Sweden to check on my dandelions (and their colleagues). They got two whole growing seasons to become as distinguished as those three in the picture, but circumstances might have been less ideal at 1000 meters … Continue reading

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The fate of the basil

I passed the ultimate test to see if I can be a plant ecologist and I am proud of it: I managed to take care of 4 species of basil from seed to maturity, without letting them die! Of course, … Continue reading

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