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Matching the plant with the environment: what makes invasive plant species so successful?

Scientists have been wondering for a long time why some exotic species become invasive while others do not. A new paper we just published on invasive and non-invasive plant species in Belgium reveals that the answer should be sought at the … Continue reading

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Time for a plant portrait of one of my favourite Belgian study species: Impatiens glandulifera, a tall herb with its origin on Himalayan mountain slopes, yet introduced all over the world by humans who fell in love with it. And what’s … Continue reading

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Science with doormats

No, I am not investing in a soccer field, nor am I building an indoor garden for my cat (although the latter loves the idea). No, we are planning to dive deep into the study of the movement of plant … Continue reading

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Science Day

Tomorrow is ‘science day’ in Flanders, a day in which scientists and the public are brought together (at least, that one day this is done in a much more spectacular way than usual). A day in which young and old can … Continue reading

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Where we disturb nature, the invaders quickly follow

Non-native plant invaders. Ecologists have been keeping an eye on them for a long time already. Species that flew in from somewhere far away and enter an environment where they don’t belong. Species that happily profit from our changing modern … Continue reading

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A gathering of experts

Neobiota 2016: the largest gathering of invasion ecologists I have ever seen, all under the watching eye of Vianden’s famous castle. We joined forces here in Luxembourg with more than 260 ecologists from all over the world for what – up … Continue reading

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Alpine invasions

With all that travelling (first fieldwork in Sweden/Norway, then the conference in Florida), I did not have time yet to announce the good news: we just got a paper published in Alpine Botany, reviewing the current knowledge on plant invasions in the alpine … Continue reading

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