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Worth it

Just imagine: your commute to your office includes a one hour drive, followed by a six kilometer hike with a 600 meter elevation increase. Two hours of consecutive hiking, if you follow a decent pace. And then your office day … Continue reading

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The Yellowstone experience

The last day of our MIREN-meeting in Montana (more on that here) brought us to Yellowstone National Park, a place of endless wilderness and wonder. We paid a visit to one of the field sites of our colleagues, on one of … Continue reading

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That damn snow again

During last year’s field trip to Sweden, at the very end of August, an early autumn snowstorm threw us of the mountain. You can (re)read the account of that humbling hike here. We were beaten. Defeated. Nature’s powers were too strong. … Continue reading

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The feel of the south

Do you want to experience the feeling of spring in the south of France? You will get the closest possible by visiting the beautiful picture gallery ‘Montpellier 2017’ on the right of my blog, or via this link. There you can see … Continue reading

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Midnight sun

One of the many perks of fieldwork in the high north is the midnight sun, the ‘endless day’ of weeks in a row. While it has its advantages for long days of fieldwork, it surely also adds to the spirit. … Continue reading

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Beech and bluebell

This week brought the field course to the ‘Hallerbos’, Brussels world-famous forest with the purple bluebell carpet. Of course it is mostly this endless see of purple that attracts the thousands and thousands of tourists every year (oh, dear lord, … Continue reading

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Close to home

Somehow, smoothly and almost unnoticed, I entered a truly different phase in my PhD, and it is a phase I find surprisingly comfortable. It is that point at which most of the fundamental data is collected, when everything is getting nicely … Continue reading

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