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Fieldwork in northern Scandinavia, above the polar circle. What is the first things that come to your mind? Sunstroke? Shorts and t-shirts at midnight? Probably not. And yet, that was what we got in the first days of this summer’s … Continue reading

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Flemish road trip

It might not be everybody’s favorite holiday destination, but we spend last week enjoying a true and original ‘Flemish road trip’. From Bruges to Brussels, from the port of Antwerp to the outskirts of Kortrijk, we saw it all in … Continue reading

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The future is starting now! Today, I got the news that my application for a 3 years postdoc from the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) has been granted. That means that from October onwards, I can spend my time diving deeper … Continue reading

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Trail adventures

Interested to join our MIREN Trail Survey? Find all the details here. The story below gives you a feel of how it works. The 20th of June, Davos, Swiss Alps. The day before the longest day of the year, and amazing … Continue reading

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Our paper in Oikos

Our latest paper on species evenness in diversity experiments is now officially published as Editor’s Choice in the March issue of Oikos! Good news for you, as that means the paper is now available open access. Find it here! Want … Continue reading

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This week brought us to Zürich, the magnificent city of bank buildings and rösti. We were heading for a highly interesting meeting, organised by the GMBA, the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment. They gathered a team of leading scientists from two … Continue reading

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The season of darkness – and tons of artificial little lights to compensate for that – is finally coming to an end again. Here in Belgium, we are again gaining two minutes of daylight every day, on our steady road … Continue reading

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